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You expend a great deal of time building up top quality material for your website, and the undeniable fact that you’re failing to make some money from your writing has probably turned out to be a kick in the teeth to you. But here is one thing which is far more shocking – your blog articles ARE producing a lot of cash. Just not for YOU! . Each time you upload material, crowds of nasty copyright burglars come crawling across the web intent on only one thing – nicking your content! These inhuman article-thieving scumbuckets come in a great many shapes and sizes, and range all the way from the informal ‘cut and paste ‘ operators to complicated software-based content scraping operations. The one point which they share in common is they want to nab YOUR material! . For what reason do folks steal your content? Because it is always cheaper than writing their own articles! They re-use your material without your permission, and load their site with adverts, or crappy affiliate deals. And there’s your problem – by ranking above you with your own article, these copyright infringers are also pinching your traffic, and employing it to make money using your hard work. How are you able to stop them? Until recently, you couldn’t. The good news now, is now it’s a easy procedure to boot these shabby thieving sneaks into touch once and for all – merely set up BlogAvenger and observe the infringers run hollering for cover! This awesome new system won’t only stop the copyright thieves dead in their tracks, it’ll cause them to literally give you free adverts on their sites too! Take control and see your earnings skyrocket! Learn how to copyright a blog with BlogAvenger! . BlogAvenger automatically watermarks all of your blog pictures, so regardless of if an infringer does filch them, they now behave as strong advertisements for YOUR WordPress blog! BlogAvenger reveals infringing sites no matter where they are online, and instantly creates an official DMCA notice for you. With merely one mouse click, you can now file that DMCA notice on a copyright thief and his web host. BlogAvenger stops content infringers purloining entire posts thru your RSS feed. From this point on, the thieves do not pinch your posts, instead they give YOU unrestriced free adverts and back links on THEIR websites! . Unlike everything else available now, BlogAvenger doesn’t involve any repeating subscriptions, or fees per usage. For one tiny payment your blog is safe for all time against all of the copyright thieves who are currently making money from your writing! No longer will you have to ceaselessly pay Copyscape costs, or use up innumerable hours of your valuable time finding thiefs and figuring out the correct way to DMCA infringers – the software does it all for you at a wonderfully low cost. Become part of the ranks of people who do not need to fret about content infringement any more, and start to earn the profits you should be earning from YOUR brilliant material! .


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