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You expend a large amount of time and effort making top notch content for your own blog, and the undeniable fact that you are not managing to earn money from it has doubtless come as a kick in the teeth to you. But there is one thing that is even more shocking – your blog articles ARE making lots of money. But not for YOU! . The only factor they share in common is they need to pilfer YOUR posts! . Whenever you release a post, hordes of vile copyright thieves come crawling across the web focusing on just one thing – nicking your content! These inhuman content-stealing scumbags come in a variety of chapes and sizes, and range from the informal ‘cut and paste ‘ operators to classy web-based content scraping plants. Bing is absolutely incapable of deciding who essentially originated most material, and the really annoying thing is if you search for your posts, often you’ll find one of those content thiefs ranking ABOVE you for your own post! . For what possible reason do folks filch your material? Because it’s easier than creating their own articles! They repost your articles without asking, and load their pages with ads, or bad affiliate offers. And here is your issue – by being ranked up above you using your own content, these copyright infringing scrapers also happen to be purloining your surfers, and using it to earn income using your efforts. The good news today, is now it is a straightforward process to boot these miserable lousy infringers into touch forever – just install BlogAvenger and watch the thiefs run screaming for cover! This amazing new system won’t only stop the copyright infringers dead in their tracks, it will force them to literally give you free promotional articles on their websites instead! Turn it round and observe your profits rise! Discover how to protect your blog copyright with BlogAvenger! . How are you able to stop them? Until recently, it was impossible. BlogAvenger automatically watermarks all of your local photographs, so regardless of if a thief does filch them, now they behave as dynamic ads for YOUR WordPress blog! BlogAvenger reveals infringing websites no matter where they happen to be on the web, and immediately creates an official DMCA takedown notice for you. With merely a single click, you are now able to file that DMCA notice on an infringer and her webhost. BlogAvenger stops content infringers stealing entire posts through your RSS system. From now onwards, the infringers cannot pinch your posts, they instead supply YOU with unrestricted free advertising and back links on THEIR sites! . For just one low payment your website is guarded forever against all of the copyright thieves who are at present earning money from your work! No longer do you have to ceaselessly pay Copyscape costs, or waste numerous hours of your precious time seeking out thiefs and working out the correct way to DMCA infringers – the software does the whole enchilada for you at a stupendously low cost. We’re so confident you will LOVE BlogAvenger, we are even ready to permit you to try it out for one week for a single dollar!! . Become a part of the club of people that do not need to fret about copyright theft any more, and begin to earn the profits you should be earning from YOUR hard posts! .


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